Shopify Point of Sale (POS) Implementation Guide For Your Business.

Shopify Point of Sale (POS) is a comprehensive solution designed to help merchants streamline in-store transactions, unify online and offline sales, and provide exceptional customer experiences. With intuitive hardware and software, it allows businesses; big and small; to sell seamlessly wherever their customers shop.

Last updates: 06 May, 2024

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Shopify Store setup

Select your plan

Stand up your store

Configure apps

Setup users

New to Shopify? You'll Need to Start Here.

First you will need to evaluate the right Shopify Plan for you. This will be dependent on the number of stores, and the desired features. For example if you have more than 10 locations, you will likely be looking at jumping onto Shopify Plus, whereby you'd receive 200 POS pro locations as apart of your platform fee. Otherwise you will need to decide on your base Shopify plan as well as whether you'd like POS lite which starts at as low as $7 AUD per month, or the more advanced POS pro plan which starts at $129 AUD per month for a range of more advanced features.

After you've selected your plan you will want to move through and set up Shopify to your requirements including activating Shopify Payment (recommended payment provider when using Shopify POS, and the only payment provide that works with POS Go). During this stage you will also setup your accounting and tax settings, link your emails, configure any apps, add users to your Online Store (not POS), choosing your online store management settings, set up locations, ect. See a complete list for getting started here. If you are only selling in store you can ignore anything online store.

products & inventory

Product onboarding

Inventory management

Uploading Products & Managing Inventory on Shopify.

After you have completed your initial store setup, it is time to upload your products and then setup inventory management for each of your locations. In some cases this may be managed by an external inventory management system, in which case you will need to complete an integration at this step. This document outlines the process to follow when first uploading your products. Then you will need to setup inventory for each of your locations which is outlined here. During this stage you will also want to decide if you are using barcodes, what type of barcodes you will be using, and ensuring this is uploaded with your product upload. See the Retail Barcode Labels app here, and an overview of barcodes on Shopify POS here.

Once all of your products are uploaded into Shopify you can begin to manage upload your inventory if you decide to manage inventory within Shopify. First you will need to ensure each of your locations is correctly setup, configured to sell products, and decide if you'd like to offer click and collect. Once the locations are setup you can begin managing your inventory by following the steps outlined here.




Cash drawers




Selecting Your Harware

Shopify POS is an app based system meaning it works on either Android or IOS, however, does not work on desktop computers. Thus you will need to decide if you'd like to use an iPad or Android tablet for each of your point of sales systems. You will then need to decide how many stations you would like, and the equipment you'd like at each station.

We recommend the following base setup to work off of:

Once you have selected your preferred equipment, you can place an order with Shopify. We recommend allow for one to two weeks for the equipment to be delivered from Shopify, however, majority of merchants receive their equipment within a week.

In some cases you may be able to use existing POS equipment with Shopify POS. to evaluate your exisiting POS equipment please reach out to our team, or alternatively the Shopify POS team here.

POS Sales Channel

Adding a sales channel

Completeing the setup

Next You Will Need to Add the POS Sales Channel to Your Store.

Once you've setup your store, and received your hardware, it is time to install and setup the POS sales channel. First you will want to install the sales channel by visiting the following link or searching for POS under sales channels on Shopify.

Once installed follow the setup steps to complete the install.

Adding Retail Staff

Adding staff to POS

Adding store Managers

tracking sales by staff

Adding Staff, & Tracking Their Sales.

There are two ways to add POS staff to allow for sales. The first is to add them to your Shopify Store (permission required: Access Point of Sale), this would be relevant for Store managers who need access to login through Shopify to link POS. The number of staff you can add to your Shopify store will be limited by your plan, view here.

You can then add unlimited POS staff through the POS app so there is no need to worry about how many staff you add. Once you add your staff you can set them a unique pin used to login at the station.

Once you have added all of your staff into the POS sales channel you can track their individual sales through Shopify, view here.

You can also do cool things like printing the staff member that assisted a customer on a given day on their receipt.

In store setup

Setting up your ipad

Installing the POs app

linking your terminal

Next You Will Need to Set Up Your Terminals in Your Physical Store.

Start by installing the Shopify POS app on your IOS or Android device. Once installed, log in to Shopify and select the correct location you'd like to setup.

Next, turn on your POS Go terminal device and connect to the same WIFI connection as your IOS or Android device. If this is your first time using your POS Go terminal you will likely need to update the device to the latest software.

Once your POS Go device is powered on, login to the same Shopify store and select the same location. Once both devices are logged in and connected to the same store, you can connect the terminal by scanning the QR code that appears on the POS Go device. Once connected you are good to go!

For a full guide on setting up your stations, view here.

For POS Go mode see here.

Team Training

Shopify POS Admin

Shopify POS Store Manager

Shopify POS Retail staff

Like Any New System, a Degree of Training Will Be Required When Transitioning to a New POS System.

Getting started with Shopify POS requires a comprehensive yet straightforward training process to ensure your staff is well-prepared. Begin with the basics of navigating the smart grid, switching users, adjusting settings, and utilizing apps. Staff members should also learn how to manage inventory by checking product levels across different locations, handling out-of-stock items, and verifying barcode labels.

In customer management, training focuses on searching customer profiles, adding customers to carts, and viewing order history to provide tailored service. For sales processing, familiarise your team with adding products to carts, conducting custom sales, printing or emailing receipts, and applying discounts.

Additionally, training on payment processing covers switching between payment types, managing partial payments, and handling gift cards.

When it comes to shipping and fulfilment, ensure staff can ship in-person sales to customer addresses and manage local pickup orders. They'll also need to know how to process returns and exchanges, including issuing store credit, handling online purchase returns, and managing multiple item exchanges.

Managers should receive additional training in accessing reports, managing register shifts and cash tracking, assigning inventory to various locations, and controlling staff permissions.


Unified commerce

Shopify POS offers seamless integration between your online and offline sales channels, providing a unified platform where all your inventory, orders, and customer data are managed in one place. This solves the common pain point of data discrepancies and duplicated efforts that arise from managing multiple systems.

Intuitive, Flexible & Customisable

The customisable, intuitive interface allows merchants to tailor the POS system to their specific business needs, making it easy to access key features and frequently used functions. This addresses the rigidity and complexity often found in traditional POS systems, reducing training time and improving transaction speed.

Fast, Reliable Payments

By using purpose-built hardware like WisePad card readers and POS Go, Shopify POS ensures fast and reliable transactions with support for a wide range of payment methods. This eliminates delays caused by system lag or limited payment options found in many legacy POS systems.

Inventory Management

Shopify POS provides real-time inventory tracking across all locations and includes tools for creating purchase orders and managing stock levels. This comprehensive inventory management system resolves the challenges of overselling and stockouts commonly faced with manual or outdated POS systems.

Powerful Analytics

The analytics dashboard provides granular insights into customer behaviour, sales trends, and product performance. Detailed reports allow merchants to assess peak selling periods, staff performance, and the efficacy of discounts and loyalty programs, facilitating data-driven strategic adjustments.

Smooth Integration with Existing Workflows

Plug-and-play apps enable seamless integration with logistics, staff management, and loyalty programs, ensuring efficient operations without extensive customisation. Shopify POS also offers integration with third-party tools to match enterprise needs, such as ERP systems or advanced fulfilment processes.

Adaptable to Different Environments

Wireless hardware kits empower merchants to sell in unconventional settings like events or pop-up shops. Built-in connectivity between POS software and hardware keeps the system in sync, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted sales across different environments.

Multi-Location Management

Manage multiple stores from a single admin interface, with the ability to set distinct staff permissions, inventory allocations, and workflows per location. This structure accommodates the complex needs of enterprise clients with large or distributed retail networks.

Global Support

With built-in support for various currencies, tax systems, and regions, Shopify POS caters to global enterprises with stores across different regions. This functionality allows seamless compliance with local tax regulations and currency conversions.

Advanced Customer Profiles

Track customer preferences, purchase history, and engagement for personalised marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. This creates a more personalised omnichannel shopping experience and strengthens customer relationships.

Advanced Security and Permissions

Robust permissions settings help enterprises control sensitive data access, ensuring that only authorised staff can view confidential information. This security feature is crucial for managing large teams across multiple locations

Scalable Integrations

Shopify POS integrates with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, fulfilment networks, and data analysis tools to streamline complex workflows. This ensures smooth data exchange between the POS system and existing enterprise infrastructure.

Custom Solutions and API Access

Shopify POS provides API access, enabling enterprises to build custom solutions tailored to their unique business needs. This flexibility allows for further customisation, helping to solve specific business challenges or create proprietary tools.

Customise Recipets

Tailor printed receipts with a logo, custom headers, and footers to include return policies or store hours, and add barcode information for order scanning. Control the number of printed receipts and specify what data appears, ensuring consistency and professionalism while enhancing the customer experience.

Track Staff Sales

Gain live visibility over sales made by each staff member, hour by hour from anywhere in the world, allowing you to better understand staff performance, and improve rostering.

Loyalty programs

Easily integrate customer loyalty programs with Shopify POS to boost engagement and reward repeat customers. With plug-and-play add-ons, you can seamlessly implement point-based systems, membership tiers, and special promotions. This encourages repeat purchases and increases customer lifetime value by offering personalised rewards, fostering brand loyalty, and creating a unique shopping experience.

Event Scheduling

Streamline your event planning by incorporating event scheduling apps directly into your Shopify POS system. Whether you're hosting workshops, pop-up markets, or store openings, these add-ons let you manage invitations, attendance tracking, and ticket sales with ease. Provide your customers with a smooth registration process and maximise participation by keeping event information organised and easily accessible.

Gift Cards

With Shopify POS, inbuilt gift cards provide a flexible and efficient way to boost customer engagement and drive revenue. The gift cards can be purchased and redeemed both online and in-store, creating a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

email & text recipets

Shopify POS includes the ability to send receipts via email and text messages, providing customers with a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper receipts.

Unified Customer Accounts

Shopify POS enables unified customer accounts, allowing you to track and manage orders across both online and in-store channels seamlessly.

  • Holistic Order Tracking: With unified accounts, customers can view their entire purchase history, whether it was made online or in-store. This provides a comprehensive view of all transactions, ensuring consistency and simplifying returns, exchanges, and loyalty rewards.

  • Cross-Channel Access: Staff can access and review customer online orders directly through the POS system while in-store, helping them address inquiries, manage returns, and recommend related products more effectively.

  • Enhanced Customer Profiles: All customer data is consolidated into a single profile, giving your team detailed insights into customer preferences, purchase behaviour, and order history. This allows for tailored recommendations and personalised marketing campaigns, helping to foster stronger relationships.

  • Simplified Customer Experience: Unified accounts ensure a consistent and convenient experience for customers across all channels. They can shop, track orders, and resolve issues with ease, knowing that your team has a full understanding of their preferences and past purchases.

The Shop App

With Shopify POS and the Shop app, your customers enjoy immediate access to their in-store purchase receipts directly within the Shop app, creating a smooth and unified shopping experience.

Instant Receipt Availability: As soon as an in-store transaction is completed, the digital receipt is automatically available in the Shop app, giving customers immediate proof of purchase and making it easy to manage their spending history.

Payment methods

Shopify POS ensures a smooth and hassle-free checkout process by supporting multiple payment options, including Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other popular methods. This flexibility improves customer satisfaction and streamlines your payment workflows.

Empower Staff with Unlimited POs Pins, and tailored permissions

Create and manage unlimited staff profiles with individual POS PINs. You can quickly assign the same set of permissions to employees sharing similar roles for consistent and secure access.

  • Roles and Permissions: Customise permissions and define roles so that each staff member only accesses the functions relevant to their position, from store associates to back room personnel. This ensures secure, role-specific access to sensitive data.

  • Manager Approvals: Protect sensitive tasks by enabling manager approvals for processing refunds, applying discounts, and other critical actions. This gives managers the oversight needed to safeguard business operations.

  • Accelerated Training: Limit new employee permissions to guide training and help them familiarise themselves with the point-of-sale system quickly. This approach ensures that new hires can gain experience and develop confidence in a controlled environment.

Industry leading hardware

Shopify POS hardware offers a customisable and reliable solution that enables seamless transactions across all sales channels. With devices like the WisePad 3 Card Reader and POS Go, you can sell anywhere, whether on the sales floor, at events, or in traditional retail settings. The integration with Shopify Payments ensures fast, secure transactions, supported by 99.9% platform uptime. Enhance your setup with compatible accessories like barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers for a comprehensive point-of-sale system. With 24/7 dedicated support and migration tools available, setting up and optimizing your POS hardware is efficient and straightforward, delivering a flexible and streamlined checkout experience.

Continual Industry-Leading Performance

Since Shopify POS is an app-based solution, it's easy to stay updated with the latest features and improvements. Automatic updates ensure you have access to new tools and functionalities, keeping your system ahead of the curve without relying on outdated and slow software. This approach guarantees consistent, industry-leading performance, providing your customers with a seamless and efficient checkout experience while enabling your team to work with the most advanced technology.

Reduced Staff Training Costs

Shopify POS’s intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy for staff to quickly learn and operate the system. This simple yet powerful interface minimizes the training required, reducing onboarding time and costs. Your team can start processing transactions confidently and efficiently with minimal guidance, ensuring a consistent customer experience and smooth workflow.

Smart Grid

The smart grid feature in Shopify POS allows you to customise your home screen with a configurable set of tiles representing frequently accessed products, collections, apps, or features. You can easily tailor the grid to your workflow by adding new tiles, grouping them into pages, or reordering their positions. This flexibility ensures that each team member has access to the tools and resources they need right at their fingertips, streamlining the checkout process. The intuitive smart grid helps staff quickly navigate the POS system, reducing training time and enabling efficient, high-quality customer service.

Email Carts

With Shopify POS’s email cart feature, you can create a customer's cart in-store and then send them an email containing their cart summary and a direct link to complete the checkout online. This provides a convenient shopping experience for customers who prefer to finish their purchases at their own pace or who may need more time to decide.

Ship from in store

With Shopify POS Pro, you can ship orders directly to customers from the checkout screen, providing a seamless shopping experience for those who prefer delivery, or ensure you don't lose a sale when your location doesn't have a specific product in stock.

  • Direct Shipping: At checkout, add items to the cart, select the customer's address, and choose the appropriate shipping method to deliver their order to their desired location. Shipping rates can be selected from predefined or custom options.

Local Pickup for Online Orders

Shopify POS offers a convenient local pickup feature that lets customers collect their online orders from your retail store, curbside, or any other specified location.

Buy online -> Return In Store

Effortlessly allow customers to buy online and return in store, improving customer experience, and promoting customer loyalty.



How many staff can you have on Shopify POS?

How many staff can you have on Shopify POS?

How many staff can you have on Shopify POS?

Can I require manager approval for certain tasks?

Can I require manager approval for certain tasks?

Can I require manager approval for certain tasks?

What is the limit to POS locations?

What is the limit to POS locations?

What is the limit to POS locations?

Can I bring my own hardware?

Can I bring my own hardware?

Can I bring my own hardware?

What are the difference between POS and POS Pro?

What are the difference between POS and POS Pro?

What are the difference between POS and POS Pro?

Do I need a Shopify store to use Shopify POS?

Do I need a Shopify store to use Shopify POS?

Do I need a Shopify store to use Shopify POS?

What do I need aside to get started?

What do I need aside to get started?

What do I need aside to get started?

What is the staff pin?

What is the staff pin?

What is the staff pin?


Let’s bring your brand to the next level

Reach out to us when you're ready to push Shopify beyond its limits. We specialise in crafting unique, conversion driven solutions when the usual paths don't suffice. Find us in Richmond coding away.


Let’s bring your brand to the next level

Reach out to us when you're ready to push Shopify beyond its limits. We specialise in crafting unique, conversion driven solutions when the usual paths don't suffice. Find us in Richmond coding away.


Let’s bring your brand to the next level

Reach out to us when you're ready to push Shopify beyond its limits. We specialise in crafting unique, conversion driven solutions when the usual paths don't suffice. Find us in Richmond coding away.