In the digital commerce space, customer experience is paramount. A key aspect of this experience is the login flow of new Shopify accounts. The default login redirection can often disrupt the customer journey, leading to a less than ideal experience. This post delves into optimizing this flow to enhance customer interactions with your Shopify store.

The Challenge with Default Shopify Account Login Flow:

Traditionally, when customers log into their Shopify accounts, they are redirected to the account page. Upon returning to the store, they find themselves on the homepage, not the page they originally visited. This default flow can be particularly problematic in certain scenarios, such as when a customer is navigating a loyalty landing page.


Consider a customer on your loyalty page. Under the standard flow:

  1. The customer clicks 'Login'.
  2. After logging in, they are directed to the account page.
  3. Clicking 'Return to Store' brings them to the homepage.
  4. The customer must then navigate back to the loyalty page.

This roundabout journey creates unnecessary friction and can lead to a sub-optimal customer experience.

Proposed Optimised Login Flow:

To address this issue, we propose an optimised login flow:

  • When a customer clicks on a specific login link (e.g., on the loyalty page), they are directed to login in the same window.
  • Post-login, they are seamlessly returned to the same page they were on.

This streamlined approach significantly reduces friction and enhances the overall customer experience on your Shopify store.

Tailoring to Individual Store Needs:

Beyond the basic optimisation, this login flow can be customised to suit the unique needs of your store, further improving the user experience for new Shopify accounts.


Optimising the login flow for Shopify accounts is a crucial step in refining the customer journey. A more intuitive and seamless login process not only elevates the user experience but can also contribute to customer loyalty and retention.

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