Octane AI is an incredible product that makes some incredible claims, however, how much of their claims can be trusted? It is probable whilst not certain that they attributed 100% of the sales a store their app is installed on to their software, whilst this is cheeky it is not uncommon and even if a fraction of the sales they claim to have facilitated is true the app is still incredible. The main idea behind Octane AI is to replicate the authentic feeling and experience of shopping in-store with personalised suggestions based on your answer to simple questions.

Great you can ask your customers questions and present them with products, surely this isn't that powerful?

The real power of Octane AI is what you can do with the answers to these questions and the customer details collected. You can build a powerful marketing list with exactly what your customer is looking for. You now no longer have to rent these relationships from advertisers as you have their information. Additionally, you can retarget these customers with personalised ads which will boost their effectiveness. For example, you may choose to retarget every customer who ticks that they have "dry skin" with an ad that specifies how a given product is incredible for dry skin.

Over time, you can use the answers to these quizzes to help optimise your ad sets. You can update your quiz over time to answer different sets of questions and always know what the market is looking for. For example, if a majority of male customers aged between 21-30 answer that they have concerns with hair loss, you may create a new ad set on your chosen platform to target males within this same demographic addressing this specific concern. Hence, if you can address the specific issues of every potential customer group your products could apply to then your ads will become far more profitable. Additionally, if you are a smaller brand with less to spend on advertising, the data collected from these quizzes can help you to identify your most profitable customer segment.


Shop Quiz

The feature that attracted us to Octane Ai was their shop quiz. It is designed to help increase conversions and boost average order value. Octane AI reports that Shopify plus customers who added the shop quiz to their store collected 16 times more emails and experienced a 75% average order value increase on those who took part in the quiz.

The best part about the shop quiz is potentially the deep integration with Shopify which means you can customise the quiz to seamlessly fit your brand. Creating a quiz requires no coding experience to get a completely customisable view, you gain in-depth insights into the effectiveness of the quiz, and your customers can add items to their cart directly from the quiz.

In summary, the shop quiz has powers beyond suggesting products. It helps you to continually learn more about your customers, as you learn, you can create new ad sets, and once that new ad set is created, you can update your quiz again to learn more about your customers within your new niche segments. Eventually, you will discover exactly who to target through your ads.

Conversational Pop-ups

Conversational popups unction similarly to the quiz, however instead of including multiple questions you may just include one question. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from having an entire quiz inside one of these popups if you should wish. Ultimately, they supercharge your regular popups. Rather than saying "H1 Cu$termer H4V3 I0% oFF" you can now offer customers real value by asking them how you can help them as a unique customers. You can do this by creating a popup that asks "How can we help?" and providing a range of different answers that relate to your range of products. From here you may wish to ask them to input an email so you can send them an email to say thank you, finally you can provide them with personalised product suggestions along with a discount code.

The result of this unique combination of features can help you boost conversions by up to 6 times! additionally, you can reach customers outside of email and also reach out through both Facebook messenger and SMS.

Use Facebook messenger and Octane AI to help create a custom chat flow that allows you to engage with customers and view these messages, at any point a real person can jump in and take over.

Use A/B testing to determine which copy, and discount type is most effective, a $5 discount may be more effective than a 5% discount. Hence, despite these two discounts costing around the same amount on a$100 order, one may be more effective.

Build relationships from Facebook comments. If someone leaves a comment on one of your Facebook posts you can automatically send them a message to say thanks and offer them a discount.

In summary, the team at Octane AI have really thought of it all, as they continue to work hard on developing their product the power really improves and stands out even more. The power and returns you get from Octane AI are only limited by your imagination.

Utilise Octane's Facebook Messenger & SMS integration

Octane AI includes Facebook Messenger and SMS integrations which enable you to reach your users in a whole new way. The goal of this is to keep ahead of the shift in the way users engage. The goal of these integrations is to bring the power of email marketing to these newer platforms. From the information your users input into your quiz you can create personalised follow-up messages through both SMS and messenger. Compared to emails, Octane ai reports that follow-ups in this form have an astonishing 95% open rate, you shouldn't need me to tell you that this is absolutely insane and incredibly powerful.

Our Experience

So far our experience with Octane AI has been incredible. The customer service is industry-leading, the features work seamlessly and customers genuinely choose to engage with the quizzes. Octane AI has been our go-to suggestion for those who are looking to invest in improving their conversion rates and lowering their ad spending. All in all, the cost vs the reward proposition is incredible and adding Octane AI to your Shopify store is guaranteed to improve your conversion rate.


In summary, Octane AI is an incredible way to get more out of your Shopify store and is only limited by the time and effort you invest in getting the most out of the platform. Whilst Octane AI's claims sound too good to be true they just might be true.

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