Shopify has long been recognised as the gold standard for online eCommerce stores. There are more than a few reasons why that is the case and why Shopify remains that platform of choice for businesses big and small. Here are our top 10 reasons to love Shopify.

1. Secure & Reliable

One of the biggest risks to any online store is considering how customer information can be stored securely. You will be dealing with sensitive information including customer addresses and payment details. Shopify takes the stress out of this, they will make sure your store is both secure and reliable. Data can be encrypted and store securely. Additionally, all server maintenance and upgrades is taken off your hands and managed with one monthly payment.

2. Customer Support You Can Count On

Shopify has a reputation for having outstanding customer support and by our account, this is for good reason. Whenever we have had a query or needed assistance there has been someone on standby to help us out within minutes. Not only are they responsive but they provide you with a range of options to receive support from email to phone support.

3. Simplicity

With a clean and effective admin interface, you can trust that you can and always will be able to navigate your Shopify store. You can sleep easy with the added reassurance of thousands of support documentation, and if you are having trouble with something you can trust that there will be someone who can help you resolve that issue.

Additionally, managing your products and pricing is a breeze. With numerous themes available paid or free you are able to create a store that fits your needs and is simple to use.

4. No Expertise Required

Whilst there are situations where you are better off getting the experts involved, a simple Shopify store requires no expertise at all. You don't need to worry about hosting or SSL certificates as this is all done automatically. Additionally, your Shopify store will be scalable, standing up to whatever website traffic you throw at it.

5. Mobile Optimised

Google and other search engines are looking at mobile optimisation with increasing importance as mobile browsing has become commonplace in 2021. The good news is that most Shopify themes come already been optimised for use on mobile.

6. Choice

Shopify currently has over 100 free and paid themes to choose from for your store. Other services like Theme Forest offer an additional 1200. Hence, it goes without saying that there will be a theme to fit your brand out there. If you decide to update your theme, later on, Shopify has built-in development environments allowing for you to create new stores and test them before replacing your old theme.

7. A Plugin For Everything

A new feature is never more than a plugin away. From reviews to loyalty programs, if you can think of it there is a plugin for it. Currently, Shopify has 1000+ plugins for you to choose from. Hence, where you would have traditionally needed a developer you can now simply use a plugin. This is an important consideration for those choosing between WooCommerce and Shopify, oftentimes important plugins are not available for WooCommerce.

8. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shopify allows you to collect email addresses for your users and remind them of products they have left in their cart and not purchased. This enables you to save potentially lost sales and hence increase revenue.

9. A Range Of Trusted Payment Methods

Whether you want to integrate a service such as AfterPay, Paypal or use Shopify's integrated payment gateway powered by Stripe, there is a range of payment options that promote trust in your customers. You can also give them the options to pay in the way that suits them. This may not seem like a big issue, but, the easier you make it for them to pay the more likely they are to complete their purchase.

10. SEO

Shopify has a range of features that enable you to improve your organic search engine ranking. There is a range of plugins designed to help you get your SEO to its best and hence help you dominate your search engines.

This blog article was written by an Australian Shopify developer based in Melbourne. They work directly with small and medium businesses using the Shopify platform.

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