Next.JS had the ability to create websites added at a later date. In contrast, Gatsby JS was built to create static pages, from the onset this was their goal. Gatsby is easier to build a website on than Next.JS, however, for those wanting to create a more sophisticated website with regular content updates, Next.JS might be the option.

What do both do?

  • Indexable by Google
  • Performant
  • Created in React JS
  • Integrate with a CMS
  • Progressive Web App ready
  • Improved user experience
  • Great website performance
  • Choice of big brands
  • Best frameworks to create React Websites
  • Page Caching
  • Static Content

What's different?

  • Gatsby is easier for anyone who has developer experience to get started on, Next.JS is slightly more complicated and has a larger learning curve.
  • Gatsby JS has a larger variety of plugins available meaning you can achieve more out of the box than with Next.JS.
  • Next.JS is built in a way that leans towards websites with frequent updates, if you have multiple updates per day then Next.JS is the way to go.
  • Gatsby JS leans itself more to small to medium businesses with information-based websites. As the technology progresses this will change.
  • Gatsby JS can run in the absence of a server whilst Next.JS cannot.
  • Gatsby JS is faster to develop a website in and hence more affordable.
  • Gatsby JS allows for progressive image loading whilst Next.JS is almost but not quite there with this feature.
  • Gatsby JS is more friendly in terms of SEO, has more starting themes, and has many more plugins.

Which should you choose?

In many cases Gatsby JS will be the best option, if Gatsby JS can do everything you need then it should be the default choice. If you tick one of the boxes that Next.JS is more appropriate for we would recommend starting a conversation with an expert to ensure you are going to end up with the functionality you require.

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