At Ten Squared we believe that these next-generation technologies are here to stay and that the days are numbered for older technologies. For this reason, we have spent the last 2 years investing thousands of hours to learn all about Gatsby JS. We have researched technologies to make Instagram integration possible, allow for seamless API integrations for both custom API's and even within the Realestate industry recently integrating Inspect Realestate, learning how to create a Gatsby JS eCommerce store and also learning how to use incredible technologies such as tailwind. Overall, the more research and testing we have performed over the past 2 years, our love for Gatsby JS has grown exponentially and continues to grow.

Who are we?

Before we get into the exciting stuff, we will begin by introducing ourselves. We are Ten Squared a digital agency that works exclusively with Gatsby JS and Shopify. With extensive experience working on some of Australia's largest influencer Shopify stores, vast experience using Shopify and Shopify plus and a newfound love for Gatsby JS, we are quickly growing to become one of Australia's leading next-generation website developers.

Our head office is located in Cremorne where we are ready to meet customers in person or always ready to jump on a call to talk through requirements and provide advice for your next big project. We value transparency, honesty and innovation with the goal to exceed expectations for each and every client.

Where did we come from?

Our two founders have had diverse past experiences. Our lead developer began by developing applications for education when he was just 14 years old, selling these apps to schools across Victoria as a part of their core program at the start of each school year. He then progressed to become an ethical hacker, whereby he would compromise large tech company systems and notify them of their security flaws so that they could then patch them to ensure their data and users were protected. After leaving school he began working part-time at one of Melbourne's leading brand development agencies as their head of technologies requiring custom integrations, extensive experience in numerous coding languages and was encouraged to continuously approach issues from new directions.

For two years he worked in this face-paced environment whilst studying full time at University. Some of his favourite projects include a sellability calculation he created for this agency, which evaluated the numbers on an influence's Instagram account in order to determine how likely they were to sell. It took into account numerous numbers including user age, activity and other factors to establish which portion of followers were engaged and likely to purchase a given product. At the end of 2020, he decided to found Ten Squared to further challenge and develop his skills. Throughout this year so far we have worked on some incredible projects with some incredible people to help them grow their brands.

Our lead designer comes from a background filled with creativity. With his dad and uncle working in the photography industry for over 15 years, he has continuously been exposed to the limitless possibilities of what can be created. With enough time and effort, absolutely anything is possible. Beginning as a humble Instagram manager, our lead designer quickly progressed to develop a love for website design, the endless possibilities brought and the diversity of design possibilities available. Today he has worked on designing and managing over 30 different websites. He loves to challenge design ideas to help create websites that stand out and create a memorable brand experience.

We have now worked with over 15 brands this year to help them establish their digital presence in 2021. Some of our favourites include:

For a complete list of our projects up to date please visit our work page.

Why choose Ten Squared?

  1. Unparalleled expertise
    At Ten Squared we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest innovations, this means we know about all the latest website technologies and the unique possibilities they each bring including React JS, Next JS, and Gatsby JS to name a few. Whilst, we have our own preferences, we have worked with each of these technologies on different projects where we found they were more appropriate. Aside from our expertise in these technologies directly, we have also worked with a range of companies consulting on their product development and learning how to fully utilise their products to bring our customers the best solutions. We are also platform agnostic, the only reason we suggest any given technology is because it is the best option for our customers, none of our decisions are driven by anything other than return business, we believe that every time we do an incredible job we secure you as a customer for life, this is more valuable than anything else.
  2. Complete honesty
    We believe that we can only create the best solutions for our clients by working together. We also know that it is impossible to work together if you are not honest with each other. That is why we pride ourselves on our honesty. This includes honesty about what we are working on for your project, accurate time estimates and honest feedback on your ideas. We will always tell you when we think you have a great idea and politely inform you when we think you have a not so great idea.
  3. Affordability
    We believe in fair pricing. Based on your project size and scale we work backwards from the time we need to invest to create an incredible result for your company. We avoid suggesting or following through with unnecessary ad ons. However, we will always present you with all the possibilities we can come up with to help boost conversions including things like quote calculators, booking functionality, integrated Instagram feeds and many more industry-specific ad ons designed to help boost conversion. By working through these options with our clients we allow them to construct a project that balances their needs and their budget, many opt for more complex websites geared to convert, however, we have also worked with many startups who have opted to start out simple.
  4. Transparent timeframes
    As mentioned above, we always aim to give our clients a realistic time estimate for the production of their website. These timeframes aim to incorporate the time that is needed to ensure the right design progresses into development, the extensive development process itself and testing. Time and time again we have customers who come to us who have been promised impossible timelines and have prepared for a certain launch date only to have it pushed back by months. we approach the topic as by this date your website will be launched, we will, however, do our best to get your project done as soon as possible. Should you have a specific launch date you are aiming for we are also here to discuss how we can make that possible.


As a company, our goal is not to exist as just another web development agency. Our goal is to stand out, stand out through the technologies we use, the experience we provide and the reputation we are growing. We look forward to getting in touch with you and talking about your next big project!

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